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Ministerial Retreats

While wonderfully rewarding, a life in the ministry can be tough. The long hours and personal and family sacrifices that ministers make to care for the church and its members can take a toll.

Abbie Lane exists to provide a free, quiet, comfortable space for ministers to be alone with God. It is a place designed for those seeking to renew their spirits and do business with God.

The retreat is specifically meant to be used by ministers seeking spiritual renewal, proactive self-care, burnout recovery, crisis intervention, and deliverance from spiritual strongholds.

Accommodation duration can be customized to fit the needs of the guest. Brief respites can be arranged for ministers that wish to utilize the space for shorter periods. Longer term sabbaticals can be arranged for anyone requiring a more intensive experience. Stays of up to three months are permitted.


Ministry Couples Retreats


According to the Fuller Institute, 80% of polled pastors believe the ministry has negatively affected their families. Time spent in service necessarily takes time away from the family, and ministerial couples need a time and place to reconnect with each other and spend time with God together.

For these reasons, Abbie Lane offers ministry couples an opportunity to renew connections with the Lord and each other.

These free-of-cost marital retreats are typically short in duration, though the exact number of days spent can be determined during registration.

If your family is living a life in the professional ministry - and you believe a retreat would benefit your marriage, family, and relationship with God, please contact us. We would love to bless you with a beautiful space and spiritual encouragement.


Church Leadership Retreats

Leading a church requires the hard work and dedication of the entire church leadership team. Regular leadership meetings are a great opportunity to seek God's will together and define goals and direction.

Abbie Lane offers comfortable retreat accommodations for teams, with space for five adults or couples (currently) and plans to develop more group space in the future.

The Raven's Nest main house offers a communal space to fellowship and eat meals. The 80+ acres of land upon which Abbie Lane sits are open for exploration and offer a wonderful opportunity for any team member or the group to commune with God.